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Why NOT to Buy Mattresses from Stores on Black Friday?

Many of us wait for the Black Friday sale to get all big and expensive items. For example, television and washing machines or mattresses and beds are mostly attracted by the discount they offer. This year, many norms changed. New normal became part of life and old ones subsided. Reason being, everything changed in the pandemics (Covid19). This year is not the same and many of us are only living at bear minimum means. Therefore, there are some apprehensions in this regard.

Following are some of the reasons as to why one should not buy from the Black Friday online sales.

Reason 1: Question Yourself – Does this Sale Worth it?

Unfortunately, most of the sale items aren’t worth the deal. According to researchers and those who have studied consumers’ psychology are of the point that these sales on Black Friday is nothing but an attempt to lure customers. There are however some really good examples that serves as attracting customers. They put up few items with excellent discounts as the medium to let customers get in the doors of the store. Nothing else! That is why we say that online shopping on such days is a lot better.

Reason 2: Better Experience and Less Hassle – Online Black Friday Sales

Online stores never stop with the hype of Black Friday. On the other hand, mayhem of stores and the entire Black Friday event goes on the calmer side. This is just that during the Black Friday, atmosphere changes and you just kind of float with the deals and discounts. We would always recommend you to opt for online sales instead of on the site stores. Reason being, online shopping is hassle free and gives a better shopping experience.

Reason 3: Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks – Bad Experience on the Site Stores

People are so crazy about the Black Friday that they literally mark their calendars for this special date. Shoppers are very productive and smart about the purchases they have for the upcoming Black Friday event. However, we know that these shoppers find it very hard to manage to buy something from stores. Rush in the line of counter, fatal cases in which customers are harassed by other customers, and all these unpleasant events are not there when it comes to online shopping.

Reason 4: Stores – Family Time

What holidays mean to you? Doesn’t it mean enjoying time with family? Well, almost everyone loves to be around family in the events like Thanks Giving and the so very famous Black Friday. Finding out about the stores and brands that are giving away items in discounted rates and going as a family to the store to get items required, is a total fun. You can’t seem to enjoy online shopping with family as compared to the on the site stores. Thus, it is pretty good to go to the store and get whatever is needed. The feel of being together is more fun!

Reason 5: Don’t Leave for Shopping before Proper Research

Since Black Friday sales are very chaotic, it is best to do research beforehand. That way, you will be able to focus more on the buying part and not about finding out the specs. Also, that will

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